Monday, February 8, 2010

Shirring Tips


I finished my first shirred project today and I am thrilled with the result.

Here are the tips that I have:
- Use a straight stitch and set your tension on the highest setting and your stitch on the longest length (I was using a stretch fabric so I also made sure to use a stretch needle)
- Hand wind your bobbin with elastic thread - don't stretch the elastic as you wind the bobbin but make sure that there isn't any slack either
- Load your bobbin like you normally would and pull up the elastic bobbin thread as you would pull up regular thread
- Back stitch at the beginning and end of each row like you would if you were sewing with regular thread
- Make sure to leave long enough tails of thread when you start and finish sewing (some sites recommend tying knots at the beginning and end of each row but since I backed stitched in each place and ended up sewing over the seams anyways I didn't bother with the knots)
- When making the top I measured my bust and multiplied by 1.25 and divided that number by two (basically the total width should be 25% wider then your bust but since you are making two pieces you have to divide by 2)
- If you are rather busty like myself I would make sure to make the top on the longer side so that once it is all shirred and over your bust line it doesn't turn out too short
- I don't have a serger so I ended up using a satin stitch to finish my edges and since I was using a stretch fabric I got a nice little ruffled look
- When you start sewing/shirring sew your first row straight across, then for the following rows make sure to stretch the fabric out as you sew
- To make the ruffle at the top I just started my shirring a bit farther down the fabric (2.5 inches to be exact) and then folded the ruffle down over the shirring and straight stitched across the top when I was finished
- I used a stretch fabric overcast stitch to sew my two pieces together but I am sure a straight stitch would work fine
- Use a steam setting and iron over the shirred area when you are done, this will make it crinkle up nicely



Chance said...

Love this top! Can't wait to try it!!!

Poucher Photo said...

Wow! Very impressive!! I don't think I would have ever tried that.