Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why I Don't Do Stretch

Here are pictures of my first unsuccessful stretch fabric project.

Things that didn't work out very well:
- When I made my pattern I apparently didn't do a very good job because it ended up being way to small (hence the reason I look a bit squeezed into it). Oops.
- Due to my fear of stretch fabrics I haven't worked with them at all and so it never occurred to me while I was cutting out the pattern to make sure the grain of the fabric was going in the correct direction so that the final piece would stretch the right way. To anyone who has used knit fabric before this is probably a "duh" but I did it wrong the first time I cut my fabric.
- Sewing the edges of stretch fabrics without a serger = rather difficult. Basically I did a double straight stitch and the fabric got a little wavy and the entire thing looks very amateur. If I do something like this again I think I will do a lace edging which would probably look way better.

Things that did:
- I was happy with the little ruffle at the bottom of the top, I used the highest tension on my machine and the longest stitch and it worked out quite well. The only tip I have is to make sure that your thread ends are long enough when you make your ruffle.

Hopefully my next project will work out a bit better.

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Chance said...

What?! I think this looks great! I think the top turned out really well! I love it!