Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was so fun this year!

Chase woke up around 7am and we brought him to our bed but he was wide awake.  We talked about Christmas a bit and when I asked Chase if he wanted his present he gave a huge body nod "YES!" and then he stood up on the bed and signed and said "More".  So I asked if we should go open the presents and he got so excited and kept saying "Yes...More...Yes!"

He was very excited to see his new Hippo chair...

The gift that appears to have won the best gift of the year award is a close tie between Chase's new Sponge Bob books from Graham and the Tic Tac Toe game he got from Kathy last night.  He spent he morning throwing the bean bags and playing a game he had made up yesterday where he stacks two bean bags together in his hand then holds them above his head and looks up at them until one falls.  Very cute...  By the end of the morning he had even figured out how to drag the table around the room.


Chance said...

I love how you captured Chase's excitement in that first picture! How cute!

hooli said...

OMG. You do know he is absolutely adorable. Can't wait to have him (and you) over to play.