Sunday, December 14, 2008

Spoiled Rotten

(This is my third blog entry for today - a lot has happened in the last two days - be sure to read on - the next two entries are worth reading.)

Chase is so spoiled...I just can't help myself and apparently neither can other people...

We have already done a few Christmas exchanges this year and Chase has already gotten:

Hippo Chair and Hippo Rocker (well he will get that on Christmas from Boris and I)
Musical Instruments
New Blue Crocs with Jibbets
Sponge Bob Books
Stuff Sponge Bob
Smart E Bear
Hippo Ornament and Pink Sheep
Batman Car
Horton Hears a Who Movie set

Chase was very excited when he realized some of his presents were wrapped in Sponge Bob paper.

He kept looking in the box like "WOW check out how many there are".

He was very excited about his Sponge Bob books - they were a favorite.

He kept leaning in to get a closer look at Smart E bear which is a programmable bear that learns your kid's name and sings songs and plays games (and unfortunately when Boris and Graham tried to set it up they broke it).

Chase and Graham opening his stuffed Sponge Bob.

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