Sunday, December 7, 2008

Putting Up the Tree

We put up our Christmas tree today (fake again - maybe one year we will actually get a real one) - here are a few photos of what Christmas tree decorating looks like out our house.

We start by hauling the tree out of the basement (well I make Boris do that but I'll still say "we"). Once the tree is up the OCD in Boris requires that we vacuum any fake pine needles that may have fallen off.

Chase, who spent his time running around wearing on old tree skirt like cape and getting Graham to fly him around like a super hero finally became interested in the tree once we turned on the lights. If you want to see more pictures of Chase in his cape check out our family site.

Next came the ornaments, which is always my favorite part. It brings back so many memories! I like to buy an ornament that represents every year so it is fun to get them back out. As you can see by the below picture the ornaments Chase put on the tree were basically thrown on with the hope that they would stick... he didn't get the "hang them on the tree" concept.

Once the ornaments were on Boris set up the train with Chase's help. Chase loved the train until we turned it on and it started making noise. He then decided that he was terrified of it.

Overall it was quite the adventure but I think the tree looks great. I always love having it up...

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