Saturday, January 1, 2011

Plans for 2011

So here they are, my 2011 goals (yes yes it is a lot - I think I broke the 2 - 3 goals rule - but a year is a long time and I plan on making the last year of my 20s a good one).

- I want to try to do spontaneous fun activities with Chase
- I am going to put some effort into how I dress / accessorize / look / etc (this is the first area of my life that I typically stop paying attention to when things get busy)

Here was my attempt to look cute on New Year's Eve Eve (my parents watched the kiddos so we could go out on a date night - we went to Maggiano's and played Settlers of Catan - it was a blast)

- I want to make at least 1 new friend this year - a couple friend or a friend who has a kiddo Chase can play with would be a plus (I feel like we have downsized a lot with how crazy life has been and that maybe it is time to put ourselves out there again)

Here is a picture of me with Capricious - my dearest friend - I suspect we will be friends for the rest of our lives.

- I want to get so good at my job that I can do an outstanding job with very little stress
- I really slacked in the photo department this year so next year I want to do a better job of taking photos

Here is a picture of me and B - it was another great year with him and I am looking forward to the next 1, 10, 20, forever...

- I want to try to start cooking a family dinner more often

- I want to run a race of some sort during 2011 (even just a 5K so I can say I've done it once)
- Be able to comfortably run 5 miles (I am at about 4 right now) and be able to run a 5K in < 30 minutes
- I want to master two out of the following four yoga poses (hurdler, forearm stand, handstand, or peacock)
- I am going to lose 5 lbs (which would put me lower then my pre-kiddo weight YIPPEE!)
- I want to take at least 1 adult ballet class and 1 Zumba class

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jessieg said...

So fun that's you're getting into yoga. Maybe I can come out there after Chewy is born and we can go to Om Time, which I heard is really good. You should fan Kathryn Budig on FB. She's crazy inspiring with those crazy poses you want to do. She's coming to KC sometime this year and is originally from Kansas, but now she's a model, foodie, and crazy good fun instructor living in LA. Do you subscribe to Yoga Journal? Are you into chanting and meditation aspect of yoga? My studio is semi-traditional in that we start/end classes with Om and Om Shanti and most teachers use the sanskrit names of poses. I love learning the sanskrit name but most people don't. I bet you'd love Ashtanga yoga. Maybe you can come to my house with Chance this year and I'll take you to my studio and my fave yoga instructor and my role model in life. Oh, and I'm in love with Jade yoga mats. In love!

Enough about yoga: I'm so glad you and Chance have each other. That makes me really happy! Chance needs someone like you more than you know.

All the best on those resolutions. Enjoy the journey!