Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I have always known that I'm not a patient person but waiting to hear the final word on the house has been brutal (I barely survived it). After many hours of agonizing over what to do we decided to accept the builder's counter offer! So I guess that means I get my sparkly new house with all the upgrades I wanted minus the basement. I am really excited. Now for paperwork signing and picking finishes at the design center...

I learned a few interesting tidbits about myself and about building a house during this process:
- I'm one of the only people who wants a bath in the master bathroom...that one really surprised me
- Also while I am a total sucker for dual shower heads I guess that is another thing that other people don't care for
- Most people must like beveled cabinet doors - I prefer ultra modern flat ones
- I'm a freak about my love for overhead lighting - I think they thought I was a crazy person for adding so many recessed lights...let's just say the kids bedrooms and bathrooms will be the only rooms without recessed lights
- You have to pay extra for white ceilings - seriously?
- I just bought a house with no backyard (no love of the great outdoors in this family)
- I am an emotional house buyer and I purchase based on love of the house not logic - oh and I'm REALLY picky

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