Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chase's 4th Birthday

Happy Birthday Chase! I can't he is four years old!

Today was such a wonderful day, Chase is such an amazing little boy and we are so blessed to have him. I am still amazed by how much love you can feel for a child, Chase warms my heart every day, I don't think I could describe the love to someone who hasn't had children yet.

We did all sorts of fun things today...(although I think Chase would say his favorite part of the day was opening presents).

We started the day at the Farmer's market with balloons and waffles.

Next we went to Aquarium with one of Chase's buds. We started the trip with a 4D adventure roller coaster ride (hopefully we didn't scar Chase for life - he thought it was rather scary). Once we got inside the Aquarium everything else went well. Chase and his friend were so cute together - running through the place and pressing their faces against everything.

There were even mermaids in the tanks today!

Graham and I fed the sting rays which was really cool - they come up and put their mouths over your hand and suck the little fish right out of your fist. Chase did a lot of watching but no actual feeding.

My favorite thing at the Aquarium are the jellyfish - so pretty.

After the Aquarium the family came over for the usual gift giving and cake eating (we went with the Superhero theme again this year). It was fabulous! Tons of good food and Chase received the coolest gifts.

A fun night was had by all.

Here are the costume changes that we went through today.

Happy Birthday Chase - I hope they are all as amazing and this one. We love you so much! Love, Mom and Dad

(Now an exhausted Mommy has to go to bed!!!)

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