Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fray Baby Quilt

I finished this delightful little project at my sewing get together last week but I haven't had time to blog it. This is the easiest / fastest baby quilt ever! Perfect for gifts.

The original project idea came from a quilt I bought from West Elm and it is the same idea but it is all gray (gray strips on gray fabric with a gray backing and binding). I thought that for a baby quilt it would be a lot more fun to use a funky fabric beneath that would show when the strips were washed.

I took two pieces of fabric (I used about a 36 x 40 inch piece for the top and slightly larger for the backing) and sandwiched them with cotton batting as if I were going to quilt them.

I cut 1.25 inch strips of white muslin and then I sewed them to the top of the quilt (quilting the project at the same time as the strips were sewn on). I sewed the strips right down the middle and I lined them up side by side without gaps between the strips.

Once you finish sewing on your strips you can square up your quilt and trim off the unused strip fabric. I did a machine binding (green polkadots how fun) - just make sure when you sew the binding on the strips lay flat and don't flop up and get stitched down and strange angles.

Wash the quilt and the edges will get nice and frayed and some of the strips will naturally fold themselves this way and that so you can see the "peek-a-boo" fabric beneath. You will have a lot of strings that need to be cut after you wash.

Happy quilting!

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