Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maybe Soon...

Things on my "if there were only extra hours in the day (and maybe extra $ in the bank)" list:
- Pumpkin carving
- Family photos (it has been forever since we had professional photos taken)
- Swim lessons for Chase (maybe Karate or Baseball or Soccer too?)
- Manicure / Pedicure / massage / spa day (yes please!)
- Wine and Painting with girlfriends
- Zumba / Ballet / Spin classes
- Homemade dinners every night
- String quilt / Cathedral quilt / Apple Core quilt
- Finishing the knitting projects I am working on / general other crafting
- Early start on Christmas shopping
- Halloween party and or a Winter Solstice party
- Clothes shopping / Accessory shopping (or maybe just an entire head to toe makeover)
- Dinner at Texas de Brazil
- Movies at the movie theater
- Plan a vacation or a trip somewhere outside the state / country
- Get another tattoo

I'm sure there are other things but since it will probably take me years to accomplish this list I better stop =)

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