Sunday, October 9, 2011

No More Excuses

So let's be honest - my weight and I have not been friends lately. Every day I get up and dread getting dressed because nothing fits right anymore (some things just don't fit at all let alone fit right...)

Today is get healthy (again...) DAY 1. Today I am going to start eating right and taking better care of myself.

Realistic Goal Weight: 135 to 137 (if I can get back here at least my clothes will fit again)
In My Dreams Weight: 125 (but I must admit that even at my fittest/skinniest I only got to 127 so this may not be a maintainable weight for me - but a girl can dream right?)
Fitness Goal: I have been starting to ponder doing a triathlon next year

So here we go, wish me luck, I need it - self disciple isn't my strong point (especially when it comes to food)!

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