Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas morning around here. Chase said that Santa is a really nice guy! He got a bunch of legos, some superhero mashers, a Spiderman inflatable punching guy, and his big gift was a trampoline. Lots of excitement around here.

B got a Cotton Candy maker - so excited to try it!!! Santa brought me some awesome layer cakes and new scissors (those things could take a finger off)!

Here is a picture of Chase trying to explain to B that the coal B got in his stocking is really just candy.

Bugsy spent most of the morning showing his resentment about Stark's arrival by hiding from everyone. Jaxx spent the entire morning happily playing fetch.

Stark's favorite part of the morning was waking up Chase (he LOVES that boy - follows him everywhere - this AMs greeting was the most excited we have seen that pup)! He also did some gift opening of his own.

He opened B's gift uninvited...sneaky puppy.

Merry Christmas everyone! Family fun here we come!

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