Monday, December 5, 2011

Pinterest Addict Here

I am off work from Dec 15th - Jan 2nd and I already have the vacation itch! I can hardly focus anymore.

So here is some random Pinterest fun to match my vacation-y mood...

I want to make one of these with Chase! So funny.

Vodka soaked Gummi Bears?!?! Where were these when I was in college?! I am seriously going to have to try these sometime (30th birthday fun perhaps?)

Whoever named the twos the "terrible twos" was playing a mean joke on parents. The twos are fine (and then just when you think that you have successfully made it past the bad years) WHAM - here come the fours.

I haven't been taking very good care of myself lately (trying to will away my chronic illness) and I think it is starting to catch up with me. I side swiped another car today, and yesterday I left the water running in the sink for a good half an hour because I forgot to turn it off, yesterday I also started my laundry only to forget to set it to run. I've also been doing that awesome thing where you drive somewhere and realize you have no memory at all of the last half hour of your life. Perhaps it is time to start going to bed early again BLEGH.

My coworker and I had a random discussion today about which docs that we work with that we call "Dr. ___" vs. the ones we call by their first names. We made a quick assessment that both of us call all the female docs by their first names and most of the male docs "Dr. ___"... makes you think doesn't it...

And lastly - elf donuts to leave out with Santa's cookies (okay really decorated Cheerios). They are so cute! Chase and I may have to make some of these over vacation.

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