Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thoughts About Puff Quilts

I started a puff quilt for Chase and I realized how time / resource intensive these little things are. First you have to waste a ton of fabric for the back of the puffs (and even though I used cheap fabric it still felt wasteful since it will essentially be hidden inside the quilt). Also you have to cut everything twice (once for the top of the puff and once for the bottom of the puff). Then you have to pin (I hate pinning and each block takes 8 pins!!!) stitch and stuff the puffs before you can even start sewing your blocks together!!! Phew!

I did decide to go with bigger puffs (8 inches on top and 7 inches on bottom) and I know Chase will LOVE the superhero fabric that I am using but this quilt doesn't really fit my typical modern style so I am not as in love with it as I wish I were. I am debating whether I should type up a tutorial for this or not.

Here are some inspiring examples...

This is my favorite! I love the colors.

While I am not typically a button fan you could do something really cool with this idea.

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