Thursday, August 29, 2013

5 Minute DIY Nursing Ponchos

If you are large breasted like me you have probably found that covering yourself gracefully while you nurse is quite the challenge. I read online that poncho style covers may be a better option (I have a front style cover with a ribbed neck that doesn't work well for me at all).  I wanted to give the poncho style ones a try but they retail for $40 (ouch - that is a lot to spend for something that may or may not work out). So I did some Googling and it turns out these puppies are the easiest DIY projects ever!  Total cost = cost of a yard of fabric so in my case about $4!

Here is the DRIA cover...

Here is my version...

How to:
- Buy 1 yard of fabric (see fabric tips at the end)
- Fold the fabric in half - the fold will be the top of the poncho (it most likely already came folded in half when you bought it)
- In the middle of the folded edge (which is 36 inches long) cut a 12 inch slit along the fold seam for the neck hole
- That's it!  Easy right!  It appears to me that the real DRIA is wider so if you wanted you could always use more then a yard of fabric...
- If I were giving this as a gift I would serge or hem the borders and neckline but since it is a knit the ends just roll and since I am using it I didn't want to spend the extra time to finish the edges since it isn't necessary

Here is the BizzyBabee cover (I like how this style looks better - it is more flattering)...

Here is my version...

Here's how you do it...
- Again start with a yard of knit fabric folded in half (this time the fold will be the side of the cover)
- Measure 12 or 13 inches from the fold (to create the neck hole) and sew a 6 inch seam
- Turn so the seam is inside and Tada!!!  Easy isn't again. Again same applies to the raw edges.

Fabric buying tips (I don't use knit jersey fabric much so I wasn't sure what would work the best so I ordered 3 different kinds). Here is what I discovered:
- Go with a darker colored fabric so you can't see through it
- I really liked the lightest weight fabric because it draped nicely and didn't seem like the baby would feel smothered in it
- I liked the fabric with more stretch
- I ended up going with a super light weight dark grey cotton spandex jersey knit (about $4 a yard on
- The nice thing about the light weight fabrics is they fold up super tiny!!!  You could take this anywhere. 

Now I can't wait to try the covers!  I hope they work - granted at $4 a piece if it doesn't go well I won't feel too bad. 

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