Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lillebaby Carrier for Newborns

When I was pregnant I did a ton of online research about baby carriers and based on my research and recommendations from friends I was 100% set on getting an Ergobaby carrier. We went to a store to buy one and when we got there the sales lady recommended we try on a Lillebaby carrier because it is the staff's favorite and their best seller. So we tried on an Ergobaby, a Beco or Boba (I can't remember which one), and the Lillebaby. The Lillebaby definitely felt the best on.  The other HUGE advantage of the Lillebaby is that you can carry a newborn without an insert. All my friends said the Ergo insert was hot, cumbersome, and annoying (plus another thing to buy and haul around). 

We have only tried the newborn fetal carry so far but even based on the short time we have used this carrier it is worth every penny!
- It doesn't get too hot (all my friends with Ergos complained about the heat so I almost got the Airflow Lillebaby but DH liked the organic Toffee so we went with that - plus the sales lady assured us she never had a heat issue)
- We love that it can hold a newborn without additional inserts (there is a flap that flips up for additional head support for little ones)
- I can get it on and off by myself and it is quickly adjusted for different people (B likes the carrier too!)
- We haven't used the sun cover yet but I like the idea and it can always be removed
- This seems silly but I like that the straps have elastic bands to hold the "dangly" ends so there aren't straps flopping all over - I think all the carriers have that

Things I don't love:
- There isn't a pocket on the carrier but the Ergo front pouch fits on this carrier too so I just bought one of those
- I don't like the lumbar support piece it is hot and wasn't comfortable for me so I just took it off

I can't wait to try all the other positions!!!

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