Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pyramid Pouch

I made a "test" pyramid pouch and here are a few things I learned.

- I lined both the inner an outer sides with fusible fleece and the corners on the final product are a bit bulky for my taste (I think I will try lining just 1 side)
- I used 5 x 5 inch squares and a 3.5 inch zipper opening and the opening may be a little small (I am trying to decide if I should make the entire thing bigger or just get rid of the zipper end covering sections - I was going for pacifier pouch sized though and this was pretty close to perfect)
- I want to add a fabric loop to the next one

Overall it was a quick and easy project once I got it all figured out. I think the next one will be even easier and faster!

I used this tutorial if you want to give it a try (it is fully lined with no seams which I love):

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