Friday, July 4, 2008

The List

My personal list of to dos is hanging over my head...

I have this list of things I keep meaning to get to that I never end up doing and lately they have started to feel like they are hanging over my head. I have all this pressure to finish the things on the list and they are all fairly simple things I just don't make time for them. I am not normally a procrastinator so I don't really know why I am putting these things off.

1. Wills - Ever since Chase was born I have felt the pressure to do it but not I feel extreme guilt for not doing it yet
2. Dentist - I haven't been to the dentist in years - it is almost to the point where it is going to be embarrassing to go
3. Register to Vote - With the November election approaching I feel like I need to register to vote! I am still registered in Denver...
4. Car registration - Boris and I need to get our new cars registered
5. Chase's Scrapbook - I still haven't made it out of the hospital yet
6. Call a Rheumatologist - I have been avoiding doctors lately

Those are the main things that keep me up late at night lately...

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andi rawks said...

I have a whole lot of lists myself. Booo!