Friday, July 18, 2008

Vacation Here We Come!!!

We leave for an entire week long vacation tomorrow...

I am very excited to get away. It's funny because we are going with a bunch of family and everyone keeps saying that they are really going so that they can spend more time with Chase, and Boris and I keep saying that we are really going so we can spend less time with Chase. I've said it before and I'll say it again - always travel with built in baby sitting!

I think the only thing I am bumming about a little bit is that if I were taking a "stay at home" vacation I would be able to play with my new sewing machine more (which has been sadly very neglected lately). I am dying to work on more projects but I never seem to have time. The only time I do have is when Chase is asleep but since my sewing room is right next to his bedroom I am always afraid that I will wake him up. It has had me thinking that I need to move my sewing room downstairs.

So tonight and tomorrow will be filled with laundry, cleaning, and packing - all of which seem like a big pain but I'm sure it will be worth it once we are there.

Primary vacation goals:
- Take Chase swimming for the first time so that my "working mom who doesn't have enough time for everything" guilt will go away
- Catch up on some movies - there are so many that are out that I want to see
- Do a lot of nothing
- Last but not least, eat some good food


jessieg said...

Did you just take a vacation? I'm so jealous! Take me and I'll be your free, around-the-clock babysitter for that cute little guy! Have fun, and forget about projects. Enjoy spending time away with your family. The projects will be there when you get back.

hooli said...

I'd be happy to babysit your sewing machine for you... mmwah ha ha