Sunday, July 27, 2008

Return Home

We just returned home from vacation yesterday...

Overall the trip was great - a lot of good eating, relaxing, and general fun. There were a few bumps in the road though, mainly revolving around health issues. Chase was sick from basically the day we arrived. He had his first fever and an ear infection and I think he cried more on his trip than in the previous 10 months. He also had difficulty sleeping and was often up all night leaving Boris and I exhausted. The only good thing is that at least he was cheerful and fun during the day. I told my sister who is home visiting from Korea that this was by far the worst week we have ever had with Chase and she said "REALLY?! I thought he was being so well behaved!" So here is to having the easiest baby in the world!

The other health issue that was a bit of a drag was that my fevers started to get into the 100s. The good part of this is that now I have an "official clinical" fever. So on the trip I booked myself an appointment with Rheumatology for this Thursday. Hopefully they can help, I am so tired of being sick. Granted I'm not feeling very hopeful since the nurse who booked my appointment said "well all your labs are normal...".

On the good side of things we did a lot of fun activities on our trip. We ate some of the best crepes ever and went to Bubba Gumps which turned out to be very good for a chain. We did some hot tubbing, game playing, a TON of shopping (the Silverthorn Outlets are amazing) and we did a lot of outdoor activities (well everyone else did). Also the house we stayed at was so pretty.

I will say that it sucks to have vacation come to an end...

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hooli said...

glad you're back! Hope you're feeling better. If you need help with Chase this week, just let me know.