Thursday, July 25, 2013

False Labor

I remember when I went into labor with Chase I thought to myself "how could anyone mistake that they were in labor - it is so obvious?!"

Well here I am pregnancy number two and I have already had about three instances where I have thought to myself - is this it????  I haven't gone to the hospital yet because I have been waiting for contractions that are so strong I can't speak / stand through them which have yet to arrive.

Last night I had a terrible backache and strong painful contractions from 11 pm - 4 am about 10 minutes apart but they never got any stronger or closer together and then they just disappeared at 4 am.  Today my muscles ache and I am absolutely exhausted and feeling miserable.  I am so crampy and stiff that I stood up after sitting for awhile and my poor legs just gave out.

False labor officially = cruel torture of pregnant ladies (both physical and mental)!

Hopefully the contractions won't be false for much longer or I may go insane...

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jessieg said...

Aww. Did you take a bath and drink a big thing of water when that happened? That's what our birth person told us to do when we had Vincent. Of course with Vincent, I go and take a bath and my water breaks.